Canadian Maple City

Canadian Maple City

The master plan is inherently sustainable in terms of its structure and land utilization. The development adheres to sustainability principles in the following ways:
The remediation of significant ground contamination and pollution issues which currently exist on the development site.
The development of a range of public transport options, including a CMC bus system and a link to commuter train, to reduce the reliance on the private car.
An urban structure and public land which encourages walking and cycling throughout the development.
A mix of land uses which provides employment, entertainment and, leisure opportunities, as well as a range of community facilities, within easy walking distance of residential areas, thereby reducing the need to travel.
A range of economic development opportunities to enable the growth and diversification of the economy of Dhaka and Narayangonj.

The revitalization of existing green spaces, including a range of new open spaces.

The '‘greening’' of streets and avenues that will help to mitigate the effects of pollution emitted from vehicles.

A mix of residential unit types, in terms of size, target market and value, which will help to create vibrant, socially-mixed communities.


 A core principle for Canadian Maple City is that the development will be socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable. Achieving this goal means that the development will be socially diverse, economically active, and environmentally sound whilst making efficient use of infrastructure, green energy, and other resources.