Can-Bangla Builders & Developers Ltd applies the highest standards of eco-construction, sustainable development, and energy efficiency to offer its residents a superior quality of life while respecting the environment.

Apart from the public parks by the city of Dhaka and Narayangonj, the green terraces and the diversified landscaping, the development also features energy efficiency windows as well as Bangladesh, Canada, and other foreign countries-made products for the majority of the infrastructure and materials used in the construction of the apartments, condos, and others commercial projects


Can-Bangla Builders & Developers Ltd. plants one tree for every new home apartment and condo built.

ENERGY STAR qualified products including a front loading washing machine use 30% less energy to do the same job as non-ENERGY STAR qualified products. It will allow saving you money while creating fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
Green Plugs
Reduce energy consumption by making it easy to turn off specifically marked electrical outlets. Each ''green'' plug is connected to the All-Off switch, and with one quick flick you can have the convenience of leaving devices plugged in while eliminating ever increasing ''phantom'' power loads.


Home owners are empowered by Can-Bangla Builders & Developers Lt.’s simple and convenient features and making living green the best way to contribute to a healthier planet. The following green design features can be found in Canadian Maple City's communities.
All-Off Switch Simple and convenient in-suite lighting control; one flick turns off all fixed lighting, green plugs, and exhausted fans.

Green Points

CBBDL's construction’s portfolio includes several LED projects, and is integrating daylight lighting, grey water toilet systems utilizing recycled water, and rainwater-harvesting systems for watering the landscape.

Programmable Thermostats
A programmable thermostat helps making easy
for you to save by offering pre-programmed settings to regulate your home's temperature when you are asleep or away