Investment and development opportunities in Canadian Maple City

CBBDL vows to use competent and efficient engineers and crew members in order to construct its finest projects and buildings in Bangladesh.

Investment and development opportunities in Canadian Maple City

Canadian Maple City - considered to be one of the greatest urban projects of our time. It is oriented towards both local and foreign investment, offering a wide range of residential and commercial buildings of various sizes. Investors will be able to select suitable units for investment and construction, from small villas to large-scale urban projects. The project provides legal and organizational support regardless of the scale of investment to all investors of Canadian Maple City.


  • Residential: from 250 sqm up to 40 000 sqm-
  • Offices: from 2000 sqm up to 80 000 sqm-
  • Retail: from 250 sqm up to 108 000 sqm-
  • Tourism: Hotels, Entertainment, Thematic Park, Aqua Park-
  • Education: Private Schools, Private Universities, Kindergartens-
  • Health: Private Clinics, Sports and Spa Centers,
  • Other services: Small warehousing, Auto-Service Centers and other workshops


-Opportunity to choose investment project as per the approved Masterplan
-Selecting and registering the land plot for further construction
-Assistance in concept development and detailed design
-Assessment of project economical efficiency
-Legal support with project construction documentation
-Provision of Technical Specifications for utilities connection
-Support in tendering of construction phase
-Supervising the construction process
-Arrangement of connection of Utility services
-Support in getting the Property Certificates Assistance in putting the project into operation
-Marketing support
Canadian Maple City is oriented toward both local and foreign investment offering a wide range of residential and commercial buildings of various sizes.

Investing in Real Estate in Bangladesh

Investing in Real Estate in Bangladesh Real estate is a very popular form of investment, especially with the downturn of the economy in the last four or five years.
Some of the main reasons why you should invest in real estate—and why so many others do, too.

The first reason is because it’s a solid asset. You’re investing in something that is available, something real, and something you can touch and feel. You can actually go see your investment. It’s not the same as an investment on paper, or even paper money. That’s one major reason.

The second reason is real estate is limited. There’s a saying that “God isn’t building any more land.” In other words, there’s a limited amount of real estate, so there’s a limited amount of investments that can be made in real estate. That creates demand and creates value. The amount of real estate is limited.



Canadian Maple City is oriented toward both local and foreign investment offering a wide range of residential and commercial buildings of various sizes.


The third reason is it’s not as volatile as other investments, such as investing in the stock market. The stock market is driven by investor sentiments, and if for any reason there’s uncertainty in the markets, your investments can be significantly affected. If the markets are down, you’re likely to lose value.

Compare real estate to a large, moving vessel such as a cruise ship. It takes a long time for a cruise ship to make a turn, because it has to move slowly. With real estate, you have time to shift your position so you can take advantage of changes in the market without necessarily losing value.
For instance, because CBBDL invests in multi-user properties, we’ve had plenty of time to come up with new strategies to keep them filled with tenants and maintain their value during the latest economic downturn. Time is on our side, so we’ve been able to try different things and see what works. The stock market doesn’t allow you that kind of time. The market can drop in minutes or hours and you can potentially lose a significant amount of your portfolio. Really estate is generally not volatile.

Another wonderful thing about real estate is that you can change its use, and that can be significantly lucrative. You can rezone it. You might take a one-acre parcel of land and divide it into four different lots to sell. There’s also value in servicing the land, which allows developers to quickly come in and create even greater value. You can buy multi-family properties and convert them into condos. A significant amount of money can be made doing that.

One of the main reasons to invest in real estate was we realized that most millionaires have real estate as a prominent part of their portfolios. If so many wealthy people have substantial amounts of real estate, there must be something to it. Those are some of the reasons we believe real estate is a great investment.

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