Manufacturing Industry

The Automated Production Of Dehydrated Honey and Syrup-Based Products

Can-Bangla Foods & beverage Ltd. is a foreign and local investment-based Canadian company that will develop a new technology: to manufacture fully dehydrated honey and syrup-based products which are sold as hot & cold beverage sweeteners and candies.

This project includes the purchase of equipment for an automated production line, the development of international Intellectual Property, and marketing expenses related to the introduction of the new products to the Canadian and international markets.

The project will result in an increased demand for Canadian honey and syrup and the creation of new full-time jobs in Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The food and beverage industries consist of 17 sectors:

  • MEAT-PROCESSING INDUSTRY (poultry-processing industry and fish products industry)
  • BAKING INDUSTRY (biscuit industry and miscellaneous food industries)
  • VEGETABLE or CANOLA OIL INDUSTRY (feed industries, flour, and breakfast cereal industry)



Industry will maintain Environment Canada and Bangladesh strictly enforcing effluent guidelines for every type of food and beverage-processing operation.

New Technology Used In Greenhouse Construction

The project is introducing a new technology in greenhouse construction that will help growers remain competitive in the market by maximizing energy efficiency and reducing the need for chemical pesticides It includes the installation of a vertical air circulation system, an innovative new greenhouse technology from the Netherlands.

The system rotates air from the top of the greenhouse and distributes it under the crops to maintain targeted temperature and humidity levels which helps the plants grow better. It also incorporates shade screens and innovative diffused glass that allow for improved climate control, energy savings, and optimal plant growth by shielding plants from overexposure to harsh light on sunny days, and on dark and wet days allowing more of the plants to be exposed to the available light.